AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Test Strips, Box of 50

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AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Test Strips, Box of 50

1 Box (50 Test Strips) - $16.20
  • 1 Box (50 Test Strips) - $16.20
  • 2 Boxes (100 Test Strips) - $32.40
  • 4 Boxes (200 Test Strips) - $64.80
  • 6 Boxes (300 Test Strips) - $97.20
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AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Test Strips, Box of 50


AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips are designed for use with the Wavesense Presto Blood Glucose Monitoring System. These strips offer a user-friendly testing experience, featuring a 0.5 µL sample size and providing fast, accurate results within a 4-second test time. The end-fill strip instantly fills, making it easy to handle, and it is designed for single-use, ensuring hygiene and precision in blood glucose measurements. Wavesense Presto Test Strips are a valuable component of diabetes management, allowing users to monitor their glucose levels with efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • With a minimal 0.5 µL sample size, these test strips enable users to obtain accurate results with a small blood sample, contributing to a less invasive testing experience.
  • The 4-second test time allows for quick and convenient monitoring, facilitating timely adjustments to diabetes management plans.
  • The end-fill strip design ensures instant filling, making the test strip easy to handle and reducing the margin for error in sample application.
  • These test strips require no coding, simplifying the testing process and eliminating the need for manual coding steps.
  • Users have the option for alternate site testing, providing flexibility and comfort in choosing testing locations.
  • Store at temperatures between 46°F to 86°F (8°C - 30°C), ensuring the integrity and reliability of the test strips.


  • Sample Size: 0.5 µL
  • Test Time: 4 seconds
  • Strip Design: End-fill strip for instant filling
  • Usage: Single-use
  • Coding: No coding required
  • Alternate Site Testing: Yes
  • Storage Temperature Range: 46°F to 86°F (8°C - 30°C)
  • Quantity: Box of 50 Test Strips
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with the Wavesense Presto Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Brand: AgaMatrix


AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips are crucial for individuals managing diabetes, offering a reliable method for monitoring blood glucose levels. The small sample size, quick test time, and end-fill strip design enhance the overall testing experience, promoting regular and effective monitoring. These test strips empower users to make informed decisions about their diabetes care, contributing to better health outcomes.

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