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Blood Glucose meters also referred to as glucometers and monitors are small and easy-to-use yet technologically advanced devices used for an accurate measurement of the amount of sugar (glucose) in blood. Glucose meter by itself does not produce results and needs to be used in combination with a test strip. Most meters are designed to work with one particular type of blood glucose test strip offered by the same manufacturer although there are some meters that support generic test strips which are usually sold at significantly cheaper prices than their genuine counterparts. The tradeoff for the discount is that the results are not as accurate but they’re still within the clinical limits and norms. Measuring glucose levels is a process which usually requires more than just having a meter and a test strip and can include several other components such as a lancing device and lancets which are used for puncturing the skin to draw blood. Choosing a meter can be a complicated task and you should consult with your health care provider prior to making a choice. Although, from our experience many people prefer to own several different brands at the same time. There are many reasons and benefits to such reasoning as different monitors offer different form factors, accuracies, features, and some even allow for alternate site testing. This also allows them to use several different types of test strips which they can buy during sales and discounts when such happen. At Medicinal Supplies we sell a wide variety of the most popular brands of blood glucose meters such as Easytouch, HelathPro, True Metrix, Bayer Contour Next, and TrueTrack and try to make your online shopping experience and selection as easy and convenient as possible while offering some of the cheapest and highly discounted prices.

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