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What Are Prep Pads?

Just like the name states prep pads are preparation pads and wipes and their main purpose is to disinfect and prepare organic surfaces such as human skin for an injection with a medical needle or bandaging. Overall, prep pads are used to help prevent infections.

What Are Common Sizes For Prep Pads?

Prep Pads are available in several different sizes such as Small, Medium, and Large.

What Is The Main Active Ingredient Of A Prep Pad?

Most common active ingredient of a prep pad is alcohol, but there are also other types containing iodine, and saline.

What Are Alcohol Prep Pads Used For?

Alcohol Prep Pads are used to disinfect superficial skin damage such as cuts, scrapes, or abrasions prior to bandaging or injection. Alternate uses include cleaning, sterilizing, and wiping commonly handled surfaces such as handles, sinks, and faucets, or simply cleaning your hands.

Alcohol Wipes vs Antiseptic Wipes?

Alcohol wipes should be used to disinfect around a wound, but are not recommended for use directly on an open wound where antiseptic wipes are generally used to sterilize an area of the skin. Using alcohol wipes on an open wound can delay or even prevent the healing process as they have a drying effect on the skin.

Can Prep Pads Be Reused?

Alcohol Prep Pads are for single use only and should be disposed of immediately after use. Repeated use of the same Prep Pad can lead to infections.

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