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What is a Vacuum Therapy System?

A Vacuum Therapy System is a drug-free non-invasive device which is used to treat erectyle dysfunction and impotence in men. Simply put it consists of a tube which is put over the penis and a pump which creates vacuum which in turn forces inflow of blood into the penis. Not all pumps are created equal and there are many different vendors and several different types of vacuum devices.

What are the different types of Vacuum Therapy Systems?

The most common two types are Manual and Automatic (battery powered) devices. Both systems work in a similar way where a pump creates vacuum inside the tube. The difference is the manual pump is powered by hand and the automatic pump runs on batteries. Just because a system is manual it does not mean that it is inferior. Many men actually prefer a manual system saying that it allows for better control of vacuum and there is no need for batteries making it lighter and easier to travel with.

What are the benefits of a Manual System?

The benefit of a manual system is that the vacuum can be controlled and is dependent upon how fast the handle is pumped. Some men find this to be a more comfortable system to use because they can better control the speed at which the vacuum is created. Another important factor is that manual pump is much quieter that an automatic one. Most manual pumps also feature both internal and external safety release valves. The internal release valve automatically activates if the vacuum has created too much pressure. The user activates the external safety release valve by pressing a button on the pump head.

What are the benefits of a Battery Powered System?

Battery Powered System requires only one-hand to be operated. It is ideal for those with limited dexterity. The battery pump features a simple on/off switch for easy use.

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