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What is a Lancing Device?

A Lancing Device is also known as a lancet device, is a plastic finger pricking apparatus with a spring powered ejection mechanism which can hold a miniature needle called a lancet. When triggered it can launch the lancet to penetrate the skin for blood sampling. The procedure is done in a controlled manner and happens quickly, effectively, and near painlessly. Lancing devices are frequently used by people with diabetes while measuring blood sugar levels.


Can Lancing Devices Be Used Without A Lancet?

Most Lancing Devices do require to be paired and used with a lancet, although, there are other types of lancing devices such as single-use disposable lancing devices, which are a combination of a lancing device and a lancet, but are intended for single use during travel. There are many different brands which manufacture lancing devices and needles. Most brands manufacture a proprietary combination of a lancing device and lancets, and lancets from other brands are not interchangeable. It is important to note that most lancing devices are not universal and are not compatible with random lancets. If you are shopping for lancing devices please make your selection carefully and be sure that your desired device and lancets are compatible.


The Benefits Of Using A Conventional Lancing Device vs Single-Use Disposable Lancets?

Unlike single-use disposable lancets, conventional lancing devices allow you to actively change the penetration depth (needle length) of its lancet. On the contrary, most single-use disposable lancets have a set penetration depth, although there are exceptions such as the Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus which features multiple depth levels. Additionally, a conventional lancing device can use various gauge lancets where a single-use disposable lancet only has a set gauge.


Can Lancing Devices Be Reused?

While the actual lancing devices are made to be reused and have a long life expectancy, they consist of two parts: The device itself and a removable lancet. These removable lancets are for single use only and should be disposed of immediately and properly after use. Repeated use of the lancets can lead to serious infections.


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