AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter, Sugar Level Monitoring System with Hyperglycemic Alarms, No Coding Required, 8000-02649

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The AgaMatrix wavesense presto blood glucose monitoring kit offers fast and accurate blood glucose testing with a 4-second result time. It includes all essential features found in leading blood glucose meters, ensuring reliability for monitoring glucose levels. With a small 0.5μL sample size and no coding required, it simplifies testing. The ergonomic design enhances handling, and alternate site testing provides flexibility. The backlight display ensures easy reading, while result storage for up to 300 readings and options for tracking 14, 30, and 90-day averages aid in diabetes management. Users can set alarms, and the kit provides hypo/hyperglycemic notification alarms for added safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Results: Get your test results in as little as 4 seconds, with a maximum test time of 12 seconds in certain conditions.
  • Small Sample Size: The meter requires only a tiny 0.5μL blood sample for testing.
  • No Coding Required: No need for manual coding, simplifying the testing process.
  • Ergonomic Design: The meter is designed for ease of use and comfortable handling.
  • Alternate Site Testing: Allows you to test on different areas of your body, giving your fingers a break from constant testing.
  • Ample Result Storage: The meter can store up to 300 test results, providing a comprehensive record of your glucose levels.
  • Averaging: Displays 14, 30, and 90-day averages, helping you track your glucose trends over time.
  • On-Screen Graphing: Graphical representation of your data for better visualization and understanding.
  • Multiple User Profiles: Up to 6 users can set up alarms, making it suitable for multiple individuals.
  • Hypo / Hyperglycemic Alarms: Receive notifications for hypo or hyperglycemic conditions, helping you manage your glucose effectively.


  • Result Time: 4 seconds (may take up to 12 seconds in some conditions)
  • Sample Size: 0.5μL
  • Test Storage: Up to 300 results
  • Averaging: 14, 30, and 90-day averages
  • User Alarms: Up to 6 users can set alarms
  • Hypo/Hyperglycemic Alarms: Notifies users of low and high glucose levels
  • Brand: AgaMatrix
  • MPN: 8000-02649

Importance of Monitoring

The AgaMatrix WaveSense™ Presto™ Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit holds significant importance for individuals managing diabetes. Its fast and accurate 4-second result time facilitates quick monitoring of blood glucose levels, empowering users with timely information for better health management. The kit's small 0.5μL sample size and no-coding requirement simplify testing, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The ergonomic design and support for alternate site testing enhance comfort and flexibility. Moreover, the ability to store up to 300 results and track 14, 30, and 90-day averages aids in comprehensive diabetes management. The inclusion of alarms and hypo/hyperglycemic notification alarms further ensures users' safety, making this kit an essential tool in diabetes care.

Significance of No-Coding Technology

No-coding technology in a blood glucose monitoring system eliminates the need for users to manually enter a code or calibration factor when using a new batch of test strips. This technology simplifies the testing process and reduces the risk of errors that could occur if the code is entered incorrectly. It ensures that each test strip is recognized and calibrated automatically by the meter, leading to more accurate and reliable blood glucose readings. No-coding systems are user-friendly, making them an excellent choice for individuals who value convenience and accuracy in their diabetes management.

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    AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter, Sugar Level Monitoring System with Hyperglycemic Alarms, No Coding Required, 8000-02649

    AgaMatrix WaveSense Presto Blood Glucose Meter, Sugar Level Monitoring System with Hyperglycemic Alarms, No Coding Required, 8000-02649

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