MHC EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter / Sugar Level Monitoring System, Alternate Site Testing (AST), No Coding

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MHC EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter / Sugar Level Monitoring System, Alternate Site Testing (AST), No Coding

Meter Only (807002) - $13.99
  • Meter Only (807002) - $13.99
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MHC EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter / Sugar Level Monitoring System, Alternate Site Testing (AST), No Coding


The MHC EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter is designed to simplify and enhance blood glucose testing for individuals seeking accuracy, convenience, and affordability. This meter eliminates the need for coding, ensuring ease of use. With features like an automatic on/off setting, four customizable alarm options, and two additional high and low alarms, it offers flexibility and convenience for users. The EasyTouch monitor supports alternate site testing, delivering rapid results in just 5 seconds while requiring only a tiny 0.5 µl blood sample. This system is ideal for those who require regular blood glucose monitoring and value a user-friendly experience. Its no-coding feature simplifies the testing process, while the alarms help users stay on track with their testing schedule.

Features and Benefits

  • No Coding: This meter doesn't require coding, simplifying the testing process.
  • Automatic On/Off: The auto on/off setting enhances user convenience.
  • Customizable Alarms: Four changeable alarm settings, including high and low alarms, help users stay organized.
  • Zippered Carrying Case: The kit includes a zippered carrying case for easy and secure transportation.
  • Alternate Site Testing (AST): Enables testing at different sites for added flexibility.
  • Rapid Results: Get your blood glucose results in just 5 seconds, saving time.
  • Tiny Blood Sample: Only a minimal 0.5 µl blood sample is required for testing.


  • No Coding
  • Auto On/Off
  • Customizable Alarms
  • AST Compatibility
  • Fast Results
  • Small Blood Sample

Importance of Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter is essential for individuals who need convenient, accurate, and cost-effective blood glucose testing. Its no-coding feature simplifies the process, and the ability to set alarms ensures timely testing. With support for alternate site testing, quick results, and the capacity to store recent readings with averaging options, it aids in effective blood glucose management. Overall, this system empowers individuals to take control of their diabetes, enabling timely adjustments to their treatment plans and contributing to improved health outcomes.

Available Meter

  1. Glucose Meter Only
  2. Glucose Meter Kit (Glucose Meter, One Lancing Device, Ten Twist Lancets, One Deluxe Carrying Case, User Manual, Log Book, Quick Reference Guide)

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