iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips, Box of 50

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iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips, Box of 50

1 Box (50 Test Strips) - $18.14
  • 1 Box (50 Test Strips) - $18.14
  • 2 Boxes (100 Test Strips) - $36.28
  • 4 Boxes (200 Test Strips) - $72.56
  • 6 Boxes (300 Test Strips) - $108.84
  • 8 Boxes (400 Test Strips) - $145.12
  • 10 Boxes (500 Test Strips) - $181.40
  • 24 Boxes (1200 Test Strips) - $435.36

iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips, Box of 50


Quantitatively measure your blood glucose levels with precision using iHealth Test Strips, designed for use with iHealth glucose meters, including iHealth Smart and Align. These strips provide accurate results from fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertip, ensuring convenience and reliability. The mobile app, Gluco-Smart, seamlessly tracks test strip quantity and expiration dates, eliminating the hassle of insurance paperwork with the cost of iHealth test strips being below typical insurance co-pay contributions.

Features and Benefits

  • Small sample size needed for testing
  • Delivers accurate results for reliable monitoring
  • Auto Coding technology eliminates the need for manual coding
  • Compatible with all iHealth Blood Glucose monitors
  • Each box contains 2 sealed vials of 25 strips each
  • Rapid 5-second test time for quick results
  • Easy-to-use design for user convenience


  • Compatible with iHealth’s portable glucometers, the BG1 and BG5
  • Result range: 20 mg/dL ~ 600 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L ~ 33.3mmol/L)
  • Blood source: Fresh capillary whole blood
  • Minimum blood volume: 0.7 micro liter
  • Storage conditions: Test strip vial between 39°F ~ 86°F (4°C to 30°C), 10% ~ 85% relative humidity
  • Operating conditions: 50°F – 95°F (10°C – 35°C)
  • Expiry: 90 days after opening, expiration date to be noted on the test strip vial
  • 2 vials of blood glucose test strips, each containing 25 test strips (total of 50 strips)
  • Brand: iHealth Labs
  • MPN: 2003


iHealth Test Strips stand out as an essential tool for individuals seeking precise blood glucose measurement. Compatible with iHealth glucose meters, including iHealth Smart and Align, these strips provide accurate results from small capillary whole blood samples. The Auto Coding technology eliminates manual coding, ensuring ease of use. The convenience extends to the mobile app, Gluco-Smart, which effortlessly tracks test strip quantity and expiration dates, alleviating the burden of insurance paperwork. With a cost below typical insurance co-pay contributions, iHealth Test Strips offer an affordable solution for continuous and reliable blood glucose monitoring.

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