Ferris PolyWIC Wound Filler, 4g, 3" x 3", FR-5733

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Ferris PolyWIC Wound Filler, 4g, 3" x 3", FR-5733

Ferris PolyWIC Wound Filler, 4g, 3" x 3", FR-5733


The Ferris PolyWIC Wound Filler is specifically designed for managing cavity wounds that produce significant exudate. This wound filler expands within the wound cavity to fill dead space, maintaining a clean and moist wound environment while efficiently absorbing excess fluid. It shares the same wound healing properties as PolyMem but features a thicker membrane and does not require the semipermeable thin film backing found on PolyMem.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective Cavity Wound Management: PolyWIC is formulated for deep cavity wounds with copious exudate. It efficiently manages such wounds by expanding to fill the dead space, ensuring a clean and moist wound bed.
  • Quick Moisture Absorption: This wound filler rapidly absorbs moisture and wound fluid, helping to maintain an optimal wound healing environment.
  • Thick Membrane: Featuring a thick membrane, PolyWIC offers increased absorption capacity, making it suitable for wounds with substantial exudate.
  • Customizable and Perforated: The wound filler is perforated for ease of use and can be cut to the desired size, ensuring a proper fit for different wounds.
  • Adaptive Moisture Management: PolyWIC adjusts its moisture-handling capabilities based on the wound bed's condition and the level of fluid present in the dressing.
  • Reduced Wound Bed Dehydration: It helps prevent wound bed dehydration, minimizing the need for frequent cleansing during dressing changes.
  • Less Disruption of Tissues: PolyWIC reduces disruption to newly forming tissues that can occur during dressing changes, promoting more comfortable and efficient wound care.
  • Efficient Exudate Wicking: The filler gently expands to wick up excess exudates, maintaining a clean and controlled wound environment.


  • Size: 3" x 3"
  • Weight: 4g
  • Thick membrane for increased absorption
  • Perforated for ease of use and can be cut to size
  • Brand: Ferris
  • MPN: FR-5733


The Ferris PolyWIC Wound Filler is crucial for managing deep cavity wounds with high exudate levels. Its ability to absorb moisture, maintain a moist wound environment, and reduce the need for frequent wound bed cleansing is essential for promoting optimal wound healing.

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