Allied Healthcare 800cc Disposable Suction Canister For Schuco Aspirator, S1160BA-CS

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Allied Healthcare 800cc Disposable Suction Canister For Schuco Aspirator, S1160BA-CS

Allied Healthcare 800cc Disposable Suction Canister For Schuco Aspirator, S1160BA-CS


The Allied Healthcare 800cc disposable suction canister is designed for enhanced ease of use and protection. These single-use plastic collection canisters are made with convenient twist lock lids with open/close indicator arrows and a silicone gasket seal to help prevent leakage and cracking of the lid. This canister also has molded edges to help users get a more secure grip and easy-to-read graduation markings. This canister also features a built-in mechanical float that prevents the canister from overflowing by automatically turning the suction off once the canister is full.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable Construction: The canister is made from clear 3 mm polycarbonate plastic, providing both strength and transparency for easy monitoring of fluid levels.
  • Leak Prevention: Equipped with a polypropylene plastic lid featuring a silicone gasket seal, this canister ensures a tight and secure fit, effectively preventing leakage and lid cracking.
  • Accurate Gradations: Easy-to-read gradation markings are provided on the canister, ranging from 50 cc to 800 cc, enabling precise measurement and monitoring of suctioned fluids.
  • Overflow Prevention: The canister incorporates a built-in mechanical float that automatically shuts off suction when the canister is full, preventing overflow and potential hazards.
  • User-Friendly Lid: The twist-lock lid features open/close indicator arrows for straightforward operation, and molded ridges on the canister allow for a secure grip during handling.
  • Single-Patient Use: Designed for single-patient use, this disposable 800cc canister ensures a hygienic and efficient suction process.


  • Capacity: 800cc
  • Material: Plastic
  • Lid Type: Twist-lock with open/close indicator arrows
  • Grip: Molded ridges for secure handling
  • Usage: Designed for single-patient use
  • Brand: Allied Healthcare
  • MPN: S1160BA-CS

Maintaining a Clean and Hygienic during Medical Procedures

The Allied Healthcare disposable suction canister plays a crucial role in maintaining a sterile and efficient healthcare environment. By preventing leakage and overflow, it safeguards healthcare providers and patients from potential contamination and mess. Additionally, the easy-to-read gradation markings make monitoring fluid levels precise, facilitating better patient care. This canister promotes convenience and patient safety in suction procedures, making it an essential component in any healthcare setting.

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