Medline Diabetic Neuropath Monofilament Foot Screen Test, MSC0002

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Medline Diabetic Neuropath Monofilament Foot Screen Test, MSC0002

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Medline Diabetic Neuropath Monofilament Foot Screen Test, MSC0002


The Medline Diabetic Neuropathy Monofilament Foot Screen Test is designed to help detect peripheral neuropathy at an early stage so that proper treatment can be started. It features a blunt tip that is designed to bend more than other monofilaments, making it easier to use and more comfortable for the patient. The test is also color coded to make it easier to identify which pressure should be used for each area of the body. With this monofilament, patients can check their own feet and hands and detect any areas of decreased sensitivity that may be indicative of neuropathy.

Features and Benefits

  • This monofilament provides a reliable means of assessing the presence or absence of protective sensation in diabetic patients, aiding in the early detection of neuropathy.
  • The monofilament is crafted without latex, ensuring compatibility with individuals who may have latex sensitivities or allergies.
  • By helping healthcare professionals identify patients at risk of diabetic foot ulcers, this tool facilitates proactive intervention and preventive measures.
  • Offering a cost-effective method for neuropathy assessment, it supports efficient and accessible diabetic care.


  • Test format: Monofilament
  • Type of test: Sensory
  • Area of application: Foot
  • Latex free: Yes
  • Brand: Medline
  • MPN: MSC0002


The Medline Diabetic Neuropath Monofilament holds paramount importance in diabetic care, serving as a reliable and cost-effective method for assessing protective sensation in patients. Timely detection of neuropathy is crucial in preventing complications such as diabetic foot ulcers. By providing a means to identify individuals at risk, this monofilament enables healthcare professionals to intervene proactively, implementing preventive measures that can significantly impact patient outcomes. Its latex-free design ensures inclusivity, catering to those with latex sensitivities. Investing in this tool through medicinal supplies not only guarantees authenticity but also underscores a commitment to the efficient and accessible provision of diabetic care, emphasizing the significance of early detection in managing diabetes-related complications.

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