Abena Abri-Let Anatomic Fluff Incontinence Pads, Quick Absorption

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Abena Abri-Let Fluff Incontinence Pads are your dependable solution for managing incontinence with ease and confidence. Designed to cater to a broad range of incontinence needs, these pads offer a substantial 500mL absorbency, ensuring reliable protection for light to moderate situations. Crafted by Abena, a trusted name in healthcare products, you can count on their quality and performance. Choose from various package sizes for tailored convenience, allowing you to have the right quantity on hand. Discover comfort, reliability, and peace of mind in every Abena Abri-Let pad, your essential partner in effective incontinence care.

Common Features (Across All Sizes)

  • Absorbency Level: All sizes offer a substantial 500mL absorbency level, ensuring effective protection for light to moderate incontinence needs.
  • Nordic Eco-label: These pads are environmentally friendly and carry the nordic eco-label certification, assuring you of sustainable and eco-conscious products.
  • Latex-free: Designed for comfort and safety, all pads are latex-free to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.
  • Suitable for a wide range of incontinence needs: These pads are versatile and suitable for a variety of incontinence situations, offering reliable protection and comfort.
  • Trusted quality from Abena: With a reputation for quality and reliability, Abena ensures that these pads meet the highest standards of incontinence care.
  • Conveniently available in various package sizes: Choose from different package sizes to match your specific needs, making it convenient to find the right quantity for your requirements.


Large Size (20cm x 44cm)

  • Anatomic shape for comfort and ease of application
  • Quick absorption with long fibers
  • Can be sterilized for post-operative use
  • Odor reduction system

Regular Size (11cm x 39cm)

  • Versatile use for maternity, wound care, and boosting other products
  • Foil-free backsheet for full breathability

Mini Size (10cm x 33cm)

  • Noiseless and soft textile-like backsheet foil
  • Multipurpose use, ideal for maternity and light incontinence situations

Importance of Hygiene and Comfort

Managing incontinence effectively is crucial, and Abena Abri-Let Fluff offer invaluable support for several reasons. These pads provide versatile protection, addressing a wide spectrum of incontinence needs, be it light or moderate, and are suitable for various purposes, including maternity and wound care. Rooted in Abena's trusted legacy of healthcare product quality, they guarantee reliability for your well-being. Furthermore, the convenience of choosing from various package sizes ensures tailored solutions, allowing you to maintain comfort, dignity, and peace of mind in the face of incontinence challenges. Trust in their quality, versatility, and customizable options makes them indispensable tools for those seeking effective incontinence care

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Abena Abri-Let Anatomic Fluff Incontinence Pads, Quick Absorption
Mini Size - Package (28 Each) - $10.20
  • Mini Size - Package (28 Each) - $10.20
  • Large Size - Package (20 Each) - $10.20

Abena Abri-Let Anatomic Fluff Incontinence Pads, Quick Absorption

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