Posey Non-Slip Hospital Socks with Grips, Soft Terry Cloth

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Posey Non-Slip Hospital Socks with Grips, Soft Terry Cloth

Standard Size - Purple / Pair (2 Socks) - $4.76
  • Standard Size - Purple / Pair (2 Socks) - $4.76
  • Standard Size - Purple / Case (48 Pairs) - $177.48
  • Men's StandardSize - Red / Pair (2 Socks) - $4.09
  • Men's StandardSize - Red / Case (48 Pairs) - $133.32
  • Large - Orange / Pair (2 Socks) - $4.91
  • Large - Orange / Case (48 Pairs) - $187.68
  • Large - Red / Pair (2 Socks) - $5.77
  • Large - Red / Case (48 Pairs) - $242.96
  • Large - Yellow / Pair (2 Socks) - $5.77
  • Large - Yellow / Case (48 Pairs) - $241.96
  • Fits up to Adult Size - Green / Pair (2 Socks) - $4.75
  • Fits up to Adult Size - Green / Case (48 Pairs) - $176.00

Posey Non-Slip Hospital Socks with Grips, Soft Terry Cloth


Experience ultimate comfort and embrace the essential practicality of Posey non-slip hospital socks with grips. These socks are your reliable defense against slips and falls, combining quality with comfort. Posey's commitment to excellence ensures that you're investing in a dependable product. These latex-free socks are also easy to maintain as they are washable, making safety easily achievable for everyone.

Crafted from soft terrycloth, these socks provide a cozy and warm sensation for your feet. The vibrant color not only adds a pleasing aesthetic but also promotes awareness of foot positioning – a crucial aspect, especially in medical environments that prioritize safety. These socks are particularly advantageous for individuals at an increased risk of falling, instilling the confidence to move with reduced risk.

Features and Benefits

  • The socks feature a specialized non-slip pattern that provides traction on various surfaces, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.
  • The treads on both sides offer reliable traction, ensuring steady movement.
  • Crafted from soft terry cloth material, these socks offer exceptional comfort and warmth.
  • Posey's reputation for quality ensures you're investing in a reliable product.
  • Safe for all users and easy to maintain.
  • Effortlessly slip on these socks and enjoy the benefits of their non-slip feature without any inconvenience.


  • Available Sizes: Standard Size, Men's Standard Size, Large, Fits up to Adult Size
  • Available Colors: Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Material: Soft terry cloth
  • Latex-free
  • Brand: Posey

Enhancing Safety and Comfort

In today's fast-paced world, safety is a fundamental concern, especially for those vulnerable to falls. By choosing these socks, individuals can gain the confidence they need to move safely, reducing the fear of potential accidents. Through their non-slip design, they offer more than traction; they provide a profound sense of assurance, enabling individuals to move confidently and boldly, unburdened by the fear of falls. In hospitals, homes, or any setting, Posey socks stand as a tangible symbol of proactive care, elevating the standard of safety with every step.

Who Can Benefit from Hospital Socks?

Hospital socks cater to a diverse range of individuals, offering comfort, safety, and stability in various situations. They provide support and help prevent slips, making them ideal for seniors, people in recovery, and even those practicing yoga. Beyond hospital settings, these socks find a place in everyday life, ensuring stability on smooth floors. The use of soft and hypoallergenic materials appeals to those with sensitive feet. Caregivers and healthcare providers also value hospital socks for their role in reducing the risk of injuries during activities. Overall, these socks are versatile tools that enhance comfort, safety, and well-being for a diverse range of people in medical environments.

What Makes Hospital Socks a Practical Choice?

Hospital socks are an essential item in the healthcare setting, offering practical benefits that make them a valuable choice for both patients and medical professionals. These specialized socks are designed with specific features to address the unique needs of individuals in hospitals and medical facilities.Their non-slip design, comfort, hygiene benefits, moisture management, graduated compression, and versatility contribute to their value in enhancing patient well-being and safety. Choosing the right hospital socks can significantly improve the overall experience for individuals undergoing medical treatments and procedures.

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