Roche Chemstrip 2 LN Urine Reagent Test Strips, Leukocytes, Nitrite

Roche Chemstrip 2 LN Urine Reagent Test Strips, Leukocytes, Nitrite


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Roche Diagnostics Corporation Chemstrip® 2 LN Urine Reagent Test Strip, Leukocytes, Nitrite urine test strips are impregnated with iodate to prevent false-negative blood and glucose results. Virtually eliminate vitamin C interference on blood and glucose pads. unique design and well planned technology ensure a maximum of reliability and convenience. Evaluation of results is always clear and reliable, thanks to the easy-to-read, vertical color scale on the vial label, which matches reaction colors on the test strip pads.

  • Avoid potentially costly consequences of missed diagnoses -vitamin C interference is virtually eliminated on the glucose pad.
  • Avoid false negatives - both acetoacetic acid and acetone are detected on the ketone reagent pad.
  • Simplify and streamline reading - all reagent pads are read at one time, between one and two minutes after dipping.
  • Promote safe and hygienic testing practice - fingers stay clear of specimen.
  • Generate confidence in test result accuracy - Chemstrip construction allows uniform liquid penetration and prevents run over onto adjacent pads.
  • Easy to read and simply match colors on the strips with ones the vial label.

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